What Happened When I Tried A New Facial Mask

I will look 10 years younger, Yippee!!!

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Now, who doesn’t want to look ten years younger, right?

Well, if you really knew me, you would know, I am one of those people who likes to try new recipes and when it comes to looking younger, well let’s just say I had to try it, just to see if it works.

So, the recipe said to use some coconut oil, egg white and lemon juice and just mix it up and put it on your face for fifteen minutes and you will be amazed what happens when you wash it off.

As I am mixing this all together in a bowl, I am finding that the coconut oil is not mixing to well with the egg white, so I succumbed to using a wire Wisk to mix it well but that wasn’t working so I got out my smoothie blender. After about a few minutes it was starting to look a little frothy so I though it would be ready to use.

The recipe said to put it on your face and wait fifteen minutes and then peel it off.

Oh, boy, was I excited. I couldn’t wait.

So, as I began putting this concoction on my face, I am rubbing it in all over above my eyes and around my mouth, as it said to steer clear of your mouth and eyes.

After applying it, I thought I could meander around my house and do a few chores to pass the time, but after about less than five minutes, I feel something running down my neck. So, I wipe it off my neck, then I bend over to pick something up and I see a spot on the floor where it began dripping off my face. Now I must grab a paper towel and wipe that up.

Just as I was coming up right, I feel this wet sensation over my lips and suddenly, I realize that now it has run down my face and onto my mouth. A person first instinct is to rub your lips together, but I knew I couldn’t do that so instead I grabbed another paper towel to wipe that off.

It’s been over ten minutes by now and I still don’t feel any drying sensation on my face but instead a lot of wet slimy goo instead.

So, I wait another five minutes with hopes that this slimy goo will eventually dry and I can peel it off.

By this time, my neck is soaked, I have used a quarter of a roll of paper towels just from dabbing all over the place and still no drying effect.

Ok, time is up, I need to get this goo off my face before I am a greasy gooey mess. As if I wasn’t already.

Into the bathroom I go, trying to scrub off this goo and what do I see when I am done, well I can tell you I didn’t look like this lady that’s for sure?

The wrinkles that were suppose, to be gone were still there and I still looked the same age as I did before I applied this goo.

OMG, I would have hated to put this cream all over my body, can you imagine what a mess that would have been? I would have had to stand on a towel and drip for fifteen minutes straight, because I didn’t realize that the coconut oil would eventually melt and run off.

I guess I got so excited, that I forgot to really think about the ingredients that are in this recipe and what they would do when they felt heat.

So much for looking ten years younger.

After all this realization that I want going to look ten years younger, I thought for a while, that you know we all put so much stress o ourselves as women to look good, look young, look healthy and vibrant, that I have come to terms with myself to not try so hard.

I don’t like getting any older than what I am, and I hate some of the wrinkles that are beginning to show but you know what?

Maybe a wrinkle or two isn’t so bad after all. Just maybe those wrinkles stand for something.

Like, showing that you are wise beyond your years or maybe your aging gracefully because you only have a few wrinkles. Either way, I think I will stick with the wrinkles and lot less time with the recipe that I just used, besides paper towels at that rate of use could become expensive in the long run.

So, for all of you who love to use the recipes you find to look ten years younger, I am warning you now, stick with your wrinkles or you will have a gooey mess..

If you do find a great recipe though that really does work, send it to me, I would like to try it. Yippee!