Customer Service

20 Excuses A Customer Gives, Not to Pay

“What excuse can I come up with today”

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We have all seen it and heard the excuses as to why not to pay your bill. It really doesn’t matter if it’s at a restaurant, retail store, hardware store or your simple handy man kind of job, the customer still has an excuse as to why they don’t want to pay. Those excuses can range from down right mean, to just plain ordinary excuses that they have dreamt up for a way of not having to be confronted to do the right thing.

As I am sure there are many more excuses out there here are twenty of the latest excuses I have heard from people who do not want to pay their bill which is due now.

1. “I didn’t like the service I received, so I should not have to pay”.

2. “I dont have the money right now, but I am going to go out and buy a new pickup tomorrow”.

3. “If I cannot get the discount, I won’t pay for it”.

4. “Somebody just stole my wallet, so I cannot pay you, but I do need to run next door for a six-pack of beer for tonight”.

5. “My apartment was recently robbed, and I don’t have anything left but look at my new shoes I just purchased”.

6. “My bank just called and stated my account was hacked, so all my monies are tied up”.

7. “Currently, I am working with my loan officer and I should have some monies by next week,” but today you see the individual later at the mall with bags full of merchandise.

8.” My well just broke down over night so I cannot pay you because I had to use the money to pay them and buy myself a Starbucks”.

9.” The food was the worst I have ever eaten, I refuse to pay for garbage”, yet the plate was clean when they left.

10. “My mother said I can’t spend all my money so maybe next week I can give you some.”

11. “I will have to check with my husband first”, and yet later in the day you see the husband buying the family supper at the elite restaurant in town.

12. “Gosh, I am sorry that I can’t pay you right now, but if you come back next week I can.” Later the following week, they are nowhere to be found.

13. “Send me a bill, I didn’t bring my wallet” but five minutes later you see the same customer paying for ice cream out of their wallet next door.

14. “Sorry, I cannot get to the phone right now, but please feel free to leave a message”. Three minutes later you walk by their house and where are they, but on the phone.

15. “I didn’t have any gas, it was the other guy who was there”, but after they check the camera’s they find out there was nobody there at the pump for an hour.

16. “The sign says, Satisfaction Guaranteed, I’m not satisfied so I shouldn’t have to pay”, and the customer still wants to keep the product.

17. “I want my money back, this dress doesn’t fit”, but you saw them in the dress the day before getting her picture taken at the same store.

18. “The sign says, its free, I not pay”, but really the sign says, “Buy One get One Free”.

19. “The job was not fully completed, so I will not pay until then,” but the customer is fully aware that they were to pay upfront before completion of the job.

20. “You didn’t have what I wanted, so why should I pay for something to replace the item you don’t have?”


Now, that you have seen these twenty excuses, how many other excuses have you heard from people who try to get out of having to pay?

Have you ever used some of these excuses to explain why you haven’t paid your bill?

How would you handle an excuse the like the ones given above?

All these questions are little thoughts for later but keep in mind the next time you try to collect from someone who does not want to pay and how you are going to handle it?
Will you let the customer get by with not having to pay?

Are you going to make a drastic decision to collect that payment?

Is the customer going to be allowed to come back again?

Will you change your Refunds and Exchange Policy?

How about changing the Satisfaction Guarantee Policy?

Its your business and how are all these excuses going to affect your bottom line?

I wish you luck in finding answers for all of these questions but truly I hope you never have to experience any of these and if you do remember, the customer is always right even when they are wrong, but your bottom line is what’s most important when you close the doors at the end of the day.