How I went from 1.5K to 6K in Less than Two Months

Creating Pins can be very rewarding.”

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First, I want to tell you I was just amazed as what you are reading this title. Just by a little work as in, creating pins, who would have thought it could be so rewarding?

I didn’t think this could happen in just a month and half, but it did.

When I started in January 2018, in my first month I had 1.5K and now before my two-month mark, I have 6k. I’m on to something here so bear with me and I will explain it all.

Each day, I look at my stats from Pinterest and from my website. Wow, was all I was saying in the beginning, but now I am saying “Holy Batman.”

I spent in the last month and half writing blog posts to the amount of thirty-five total posts on my website.

I then created numerous pins for each of my posts on Pinterest.

Not only was I pinning other people’s items, I was signing up for affiliated links for all my posts to try to make a little money on the side.

I haven’t joined any blog groups and I don’t belong to any tribes nor do I use Tailwind.

This is all done by posting to my website and creating pins for my Pinterest site.

Now, I am firm believer that hard work does pay off and I can honestly say, I have not made a dime from my affiliate links yet, but I do have high hopes that at some point I will.

Money & Blogging

I’ve read the posts that contain everything from creating great pins, to what you should write about and finding your niche, but I have only come across a few that are the most helpful. Now, I am not saying that any of those posts are bad by any means, but when you only have so, much money to invest and you are still a newbie, I would say I have done pretty good so far with my numbers.
Who knows, they could all come to a standstill starting tomorrow, but I still believe that with a lot of hard work you make a go of it.

Did I tell you, I already have written an eBook also?

I have not published it yet as I am still fine tuning it, but I can’t wait to launch it here real soon.

eBooks are a great learning tool and a great way to supplement your income and really, it’s not that hard to do. I have saved numerous posts on my blogger board about how to create an eBook, so you will want to check them out.

When I first decided to start blogging, I wanted to make money.

“Now, who doesn’t want to make money?”

“Right,” everybody wants to make something, but after I got into writing on my site and creating pins, I found it to be more like therapy for me.

I have a lot going on in my life always and I associate with a lot of people each day, so to use my blog as for therapy, its wonderful to have that outlet but it’s also a way to help people to.

See, the way I look at this, is one of these short stories just might either enlighten someone, give someone some food for thought, help someone see a different picture in life or just plain letting that person know, they are not just the only one with this problem.

There are times when people feel or think they are alone in this world but really, they are not alone there is always someone out there who may have experience exactly what you may be going through at that very moment. So, why not help them, realize they are not the only one?

Writing that Blog Post

Have you ever just sat down and wrote just for the heck of it?

I have and a day later I come back and read it and “BAM” another idea comes to the surface and then I am writing about something else.

At first when I decided to write on my blog I would get so nervous, everything had to be just perfect, from the wording to the story that was being told and they way it was being told, that I would sometimes say, “Is this really worth all this stress, I thought this was supposed to be fun?” Well I was right, it is supposed to be fun and now I am doing it for fun more so than anything.

Sure, I can stress over the fact, that I have a niche, that has various areas to cover instead of one expertise and ya, I can stress over the fact, I haven’t made a dime but what fun is that?

I am sure you are either at that point or will be someday, just remember, this is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, you are helping people and what can be more fun than that?

“You know what’s stressful, about this whole blogging thing, is thinking that nobody will read your material.”

“Am I right?”

“You got it!”

There is nothing more stressful than that, but I am here to tell you, to not worry, it will get read eventually and you will find that there are some truly amazing people out there that will follow you and wait for your next post.

To all of you who have just started blogging, just remember this, keep posting to your website and keep pinning on Pinterest.

Remember, you are helping people, so get your name out there, make a presence and be ready for the followers and for the ones who want to subscribe to your email list because your work is a blessing to all of those in need.

Don’t give up, and start writing those posts…..

Happy Blogging!

Go Big, Go Home, and Tomorrow is another Day………