What Everybody Ought to Know About Being A Merchandiser

Things to know about a merchandiser position

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What is a Merchandiser?

A Merchandiser is someone who goes into stores and sets product for display, so that the store can share with the general pubic about new products,increase in revenue, market products on sale for the consumer. As in setting product in certain areas for impulse buying, promoting a new product on the market.

Many years ago when I became a merchandiser, I use to think that every store had this guy sitting at a desk with his colored pencils and paper just drawing planograms up to change the store around for the heck of it, so people would have some extra work to do. Once I was into the job I soon realized why I was doing what I was assigned to do, it most definitely was not just because some guy wanted to color some pictures, make designs on paper and create work for others.

“It’s a great starting point for someone who wants to start a career in retail.”


 The Job


I can tell you from past experience that being a merchandiser can be a lot of work and yet a lot of fun also. Depending on the company you are hired with, your work schedule can be sporadic and the hours can either be long or short. This depends upon the types of jobs you are assigned to complete.

You will travel with in a certain distance of your home unless you are like me where I traveled all over, some weeks, I would be gone from home for a week at a time.

You choose the days you want to work and how many hours a day.

Some of the employers require you to wear their uniform while others only require you to wear casual dress attire. This is not the kind of job you want to wear a  pair of high heels and a skirt, try to remember you are working not modeling clothing.

Reliable transportation is a must along with a valid drivers license and insurance.

Access to a computer and iPhone are also a must.


“Oh, here she comes again.”


Stores can vary as to where you the are going to go each day and some can be repeated stores each week or once a month. Again it all is based on who you are hired with.

When going to these stores you are not just representing the company you work for you are representing the store you are in.

Customers will look to you to for help in finding product or answering questions about pricing. It is essential that you help them and lead them in the right direction.

“What is it like to go to these stores?”

I have been asked many times what was it like to go to these stores that I would travel to. For the most part it was fun, the people who worked at the stores were enjoyable and really happy to see you, because you were saving them a lot of work, that they would have had to do in addition to all there other duties of daily operation.

There are some though that would look at you and you could tell by the look on their face it was “Oh, here she comes again” as if it was a bother to have someone come to help them. As I am sure at times when I arrived they were busy and the last thing they wanted to deal with is helping me find what it is I was looking for in order to do my job correctly.

For the most part though it was fun and full of variety with hours that I couldn’t complain about. If I had  three jobs to do in one day and I decided I wanted to meet up with an old friend, and have lunch for two hours with her, I could in between my jobs. On certain days, if I wanted to go shopping between my jobs, I went shopping. As long as my work got done, my stores were happy with what I did on that day, it didn’t matter what I did.


“You mean, I get paid to go to stores?”


The wages fore a merchandiser are not always the greatest, but there again it depends on who you were hired with. Most companies will pay a for mileage and drive time in addition to your hourly wage which is great but then there are some who will offer a larger wage and no drive time or mileage pay. Majority of the companies who hire a merchandiser have a variety of positions available and a large portion of them are part-time.


“Who doesn’t want to know the benefits.”


As with most employers they offer Medical, Dental, Vision, 401K, Life Insurance and vacation time. Again its all based on who you were hired with.

If your someone who is going to school, needing supplement income, wanting to go into retail as a career choice or just needing a part-time job this is the way go. You set your own hours and you choose what days a week you want to work. For me at the time it was wonderful, I didn’t want to work holidays and I wanted three days off a week to do other things so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

What is really the best benefit is you have the opportunity to see new products before they hit the floor and you get to see what is discontinued or going to be clearance out before anybody else.

If you have a passion for retail, attention to detail and a drive to be self motivated then this is a wonderful job to have.